Daily Rants
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2002-09-10 22:19:15 (UTC)


I found out from Andrea that Boogies in Kalamazoo closed
down and now there's a hookah shop on the corner
instead... such a shame, I have so many nice memories of
that place!

Seton taking me there when I was still the naive little
freshman, and not laughing too hard when I sat and grinned
about the fact that I was actually a college student
sitting in a coffee shop.

Erik and I originally going to study, but having one of
those marathon conversations about religion, etc...

Mike and Julia and I going there to play 99 and trying our
best to do basic math. (And failing half the time)

Or just Mike and I going there for a Sunday breakfast of
bagels and juice.

Even though 4th coast is undoubtedly a better coffee
place, I'm really going to miss Boogies...