De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2001-07-22 05:46:47 (UTC)


18th July 2001 Wednesday 2200hrs

The day started late for me today as I have no lessons…so I
woke up at 10 and prepared to go to campus to meet ‘Uan and
Ben in the Quad for the club fair..

Arrived soon on campus, the pple are still setting up their
stalls..but met ShiChao and ‘Uan there ,,, we juz hang
around at the benches , waiting for Ben… looking around we
can see some of the clubs..u have the usual Taekwondo, Judo
(the demostrater wears a werid green hair), Overseas
Christian Fellowship…to the rarer ones like TUI Club.,.. a
club specially for pubbing…. Their members enjoy discount
at many pubs downtown…hmmm… betcha will neber find this
kindof club back home… there were weirder the
FATSLAG… Friendly Associated Tertiary Sexual Liberation
Alternative Group…a group that believes that normal sex is
a specialised perversion…and seeks to free sexual
repression in all forms…hmmmmm…realli weird…the booth
manager is a guy who wears a long black trench coat and juz
sat there stoned…unless u talked to him…verie strange….in
the end, I signed up for the Radical Socieety… they are
anti-imperialist and anti-captitalist…. But of course, I
dun feel so strongly abt that…juz wanna know more..hehe..

My whole afternoon was I decided to go downtown
alone to settle some stuff…bought some pants at warehouse
and got my photos developed…then proceeded to Couternay
Place and checked out their video store…my, their video
selection is fantastic…all the old and rare titles can be
found there… at least their countries allow the alternative
films (read: films that are highly violent or sexual) to be
in shops…The Singapore Govt should be more slack in their
control…our society is too repressed….

Finally, I ended up at the Paramount Theatre where I bought
a ticket to the Stanley Kubrick documentary in the
Wellington Film Festival.. but it took such a long time
that by the time I got back to Weir house, I was late for
the gathering of the newbies..

Apparantly ben and paula din go too..onli yoke leng went…
and jane seemed to be quite upset when she saw us at the
dining hall… sighz..i shud’ve explicitly told YL to tell
ben I’ll be late when I called her to inform her…. Felt
realli bad about it….

More surfin at ben’s room.. then finally ended up here..DJ
is still at his niteschool I guess… but I betta sleep early
for tomomoro’s 9am lesson…(the one and only lesson for the