Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2002-09-10 21:18:58 (UTC)


I"m going out with Cory, and i'm getting clean. i'm
quitting smoking, it's sooo ahrd tho, and i'm quitting
cutting myself, i'm quitting drinking, but i'm still taking
Cafeen pills. I take waaay more than i should, there like
steroids, they really get my heart racing, i love the feel
of them. Cory is a lot better than garrett, i could care
less about him now. Ciory is awsome, but i swere to god
i'll never use the word LOVE like i did b4 ever again.
NEVER AGAIN! wtvr tho, I'm sick of all this shit, i dont
kno where to put my stress anymore!

current music-puddle of mud:"drifty and die"