a rop through my mind....
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2002-09-10 21:17:05 (UTC)

yeah i know it's been awhile........

so......yeah, i'm still alive, and back in troy (aka
home). boy update: gabe and i split (we're too differnt to
be in a relationship with eachother...but are still
friends)...and i'm with jim (yes, one of gabe's frat
brothers...), and it's good :) actually i've liked him for
a long time but just avoided admitting it to
myself....other than that, i'm actually doing quite well,
i'm happy (it's been a long time since i could say that
truthfully, so that's good)......classes are going well,
i'm ontop of all my hw etc. scary thought, but a good one
(classes= multivar calc, intro to math modeling, intro to
modern dance, and spanish 201)....i think that's pretty
much it for now.....yeah...

ok so most of the reason i updated was to avoid the pesky e-
mails.... :)

later ppl,