bay turtle

This is Reality?
2002-09-10 20:38:32 (UTC)


So, I got this new car last week.

My knees have been killing me ever since. It's so hard to
get out of the damn car. I know for sure that's what's
causing my knees to hurt now.

I've (well, Dad) spent $350 to get the car working well.
Now it overheats while idling with AC off, and carfax
brought up 9 records. I thought Dad already ran the carfax
check? I'm really getting sick of this kind of crap.

I'm really tired, the meeting ran long today. Our sponsor
was late (big suprise), and everybody was getting bored
towards the end. Believe me, the boredom wasn't one-sided.

I wanna take a nap, I've got a lot of reading to do yet
tonight. And 22 terms. Dammit. I've been writing all day
long. I'm sick of it. My fingers hurt. Maybe I'll take a
nap. Things will look better later.