My Life
2002-09-10 20:36:52 (UTC)

Tuesday, September 10th, 2002

Hi, Welcome to my online journal I am keeping for the Jr.
PGA Tour, United States Golf Association, ESPN, and CBS
Sports. Now, I know that many people will read this
journal, so I will try and keep it as clean as possible.
Today is Tuesday, September 10th, 2002, and I am currently
in a sub-urb of Los Angeles, California. I am originally
from Marathon, New York, just north of Binghamton, but
about 40 miles south of Syracuse. I am in California
because I have been working on my golf game, and not only
is my golf coach here, I can play year-round. I am
currently dating teenage celebrity Ashley Olsen. Most of
you know her from the 1990's sitcom "Full House" as from
many other series, and movies. About me? Well I was born on
Thursday, December 19th, 1985 at Cayuga Medical Center in
Ithaca, NY. I am currently 16 years old. I started playing
golf when I was 1. Although, I started taking it seriously
when I was 10. I broke 80 when I was 15. I have never shot
under par, except at my home course, Maple Hill. My parents
Ralph (of Lowville, NY) and Jill (of Marathon, NY)
Smithling were both avid enthusiasts of my golf career. My
dad played golf when I was very young, but then gave it up,
to pursue a dream of playing softball. In his high school
days he was an avid Football and Baseball player. He was
invited to a Cincinatti Reds try-out camp in Watertown,
where he unfourtunatley didn't make the team. My mom, who
was born in 1960 is now an Opthamologist's Assistant at
Cortland Eye Center, played Field Hockey for her high
school career, and cheerleaded all 6 years. I have two
siblings, Erin (19) and Hayley (12). Erin now attends SUNY
Upstate Medical University at SYRACUSE, and plans on
becoming a Medical Doctor. Hayley, age 12, attend Marathon
Central School in Marathon and is in the 7th grade, she
plays soccer constantly. Enough, about me. Today (9/10/02)
school was extremely boring. Classes last 46 minutes each,
and there is only three minutes to get from class to class.
The school is small, with about 50 in the graduating class.
Anyways, in Chemistry, my teacher Mr. Doubet has been
giving us homework day in and day out since school started
on September 4th. The other classes haven't been bad at
all. Although, COURSE III seems very difficult. (Course 3
is my Pre-Calculus class (MATH) ok?) I will probably call
Ashley later, but she is in New York doing a photo shoot,
so since they're three hours ahead of us in LA, I have to
budget my time. Golf Lesson at 7 o'clock tonight. Wish me
luck. Talk to you guys tomorrow. Later.