hvnlyhottie13z journal
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2002-09-10 20:35:04 (UTC)


my golly...... people r so rude nowadaez....

haha.... steven y do u bother 2 ask me n e thing? u kno i'd
do n e thing w/ u! and if u didn't kno... u do now. lol.

my gosh, u kno that i like u, so can u tell me soon how u
feel about me? i mean, seriously, do u only like me as a
friend or do u not even like me just think i'm kute or w/e.

u said before that you "kinda" liked me but seriously, man.
i really wanna kno. i mean, we talk a lot with each other,
i tell u things i've never told n e one else...

o gosh i'm sounding really pathetic right now.... i just
wanna kno wat u think. but of course then again... i'm too
skared to kno wat u think... which is why i'm writing this
junk in here.

well u keep askin me y i haven't written in my diary so
here i am... writing in my dairy... so u gunna bring that
hoodie 2morrow?

lol sry i keep buggin u bout that... hehe....

well... yea i g2g 2 busy IMing u at the moment...

!¡!(cuffz rok)!¡!