le soleil et la lune
2001-07-22 05:02:51 (UTC)


So lately I have a lot of decisions to make and events in
my life that are just COMPLETELY screwing up my cool, calm
collected emotional fascade.
SO the first thing is that all these people I know start
getting sick and end up in the hospital or the emergency
room. All about 2-3 weeks ago. My aunt Elizabeth had to
have an emergency operation done to remove her appendix,
and then she ended up having these weird seizures. My
godfather has been really sick for a long time and he
finally went to the hospital b/c he couldn't even breathe.
He's been in the ICU at Forsyth memorial for 2 weeks now,
and they still haven't figured out what is wrong with him.
He now has no brain function, and by Monday my godmother
Kathleen has to decide if she is going to cut off the
machines that are keeping him alive or let him live out the
rest of his life as a vegetable. I'm going to miss my
taters and gravy either way.
Anyway, there will be more on this in another entry. I
just don't want to talk about it anymore.