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2002-09-10 19:41:59 (UTC)

t'was a happy day!

Yesterday did turn out to be a good day afterall!! infact
you could even call it exellent:-D Cameron, Etienne and
Uriah all ame to Ada to pick up Etienne's guitar. Then we
all met at Braums. Even though the guys had already been
there for 45 minutes they stayed with katie, kassi,
christy, and me for quite a while longer. We then proceeded
to go walmart, hasting and the dollar tree. i had so much
fun! im sure all you you gals know how great it is to have
the guy that you like have his are around you, well if you
dont its great!!!! The guys just kinda got "lost" in our
huge town. :-)
Today turned out pretty good too. i just found out at
about 1:45 PM that i am getting my braces off on September
the 30th!!!!!!! i am soo excited. i have had my braces on
since my sixth grade summer, im tellin you thats a bummer.
but now everything is goin pretty good... if i could only
find out a way to graduate school early! to whomever reads
this---i hope you have a wonderful, exhilerating, fun-
filled, breathtaking, happy, cup runneth over day!!!!!

ME :-D