Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-09-10 19:40:18 (UTC)

on the eve....

Well here i sit at 3:10 PM EST on Tuesday Sept.10, on the
eve of a catastrophe that happened one year
ago....tomorrow. Kinda strange. Im trying to have a normal
day..downloading music, eating gobstoppers, writing pieces
of lyrics as random lines come into my head, and finding
geo information for IP job. I can't complete
these tasks to the fullest today because i continue to hear
talk of a "terror alert" Apparently all hades breaks loose
when we hit red. You see, it's formatted like and old
astros uniform. Yellow-orange-red. (not to be confused with
Mountain Dew code red, which although is a fantastic drink,
is not capable of alerting the nation in case of attack.)As
of now we have crept up the alert ladder to an "orange"
alert. I don't think ive ever disliked the color orange so
much in my life, orange gobstoppers can't seem to change
colors fast enough in my mouth and the site of a sunkist is
anything but apatizing. I think im upset with the UT
volunteers, the FL gators,the bengals, the browns,tigers
around the world, contructions workers, prisioners on the
side of the road, oranges "the fruit", basketballs, orange
ave. in orlando and orange county in CA, and any of ther
person place of thing that might be associated with the
color orange. Cool, so now after that depressing, overly
emo,depiction of my feelings toward terorism i will talk
about rock an roll. Rock n roll music will return. if you
don't believe me check these bands out. support rock n roll.
The Hives, the mooney suzuki, the vines, the white stripes,
the von bondies,the strokes, the agenda, the hiss,the
pattern,the makers, the donnas, the used, vue, division of
laura lee, yeah yeah yeah's,international noise conspiracy,
moth,butch walker, flickerstick,okgo, ash,sloan,
silverchair, phantom planet,loudermilk,andrew wk,
buckcherry, foo fighters,hot rod circut and maroon 5
happy listening
matthew number two