Mysterious Attitude
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2001-07-22 04:58:56 (UTC)

Saturday July 21,2001

*Time: 11:51pm
*Wearing: My blue jeans with designs on the legs and my
white tight fitting Tommy shirt
*Jewelry: Tha Usual
*Hair: down with a headband holding back my bangs
*Listenin to : The AC making this weird sound...lol
*Eating/Drinkin: Salad/ noting
*Song of the day : Freek U- Jodeci
*Weather: It was sunny and hot out today
*Talking to : no one
*Last Thing Said: "Why Do I have a feeling that I'm being
watched?" lol I said that cuz I was singing my version
of "Opps... I did It Again" and David and my uncle Jr were
looking at me like I was crazy.... lol
*Mood: Happy/Jealous/Freaked Out
*Thinking: Umm... why does Andria only think bout Tiff and
why after all this time does Bobby call me tonight?¿

~~~Tha Rest of what happened on Friday, July 20~~~

Umm... Krystal called me ... and she is having another
baby... =/ I tell ya she has fucked up her life ... to kids
and she just turned 18... I guess the father is Casper ... and he has
like 9 other kids... :::shakes her head::: But what
can I do ... it's her life and not mine...
Andria called me and she had asked if she could stay the night... I
was like I dunno let me call my mom and ask then I will call u aight?
and she was like ok... So I called my mom and she said yeah ... so I
called Andria back and told her ... and she was like aight... so I
was like ok... I gotta go and clean up ... so I will call u before my
mom leaves from work.... and she was like ok... and we hung up...
Then I cleaned up a little u know ... wash dishes, sweep, pick things
up, make the bed, and umm ... sorta dust... After that... I called
Jack up ... cuz I had told him that I would ... but he asked if he
could call me back cuz I guess he was doing sumthing... I was like ok
sure ... and I hung up with him... So I laid down on the bed waiting
for him to call me back ... and I watched sum tv... I heard the phone
ring but it was Andria I think...and she just asked me sumthing then
we hung up... Well, like maybe 3 hours later Jack finally decides to
call me back... I was like damn bout time baby ... lol so we were
talking and I told him that Andria was going to stay the night with
me ... and that I wanted to talk to him before she got here.... and
he was like ohh so u 2 r going to have sum fun huh ... lol I was like
nah were just friends ... he was like yeah whatever ... lol well we
talked for a while and then I told him sum stuff that Pat said bout
him ... and he like went off ... and asked if he could call me
back... I was like ok.... and we hung up ... as soon as I hung up my
mom called me ... and so did Jack so I called Jack back ... and he
asked me where Pat was... I was like I dunno ... but don't tell him I
told u anything cuz I know he will deny anything that I told u... he
was like yeah I know ... and he went on to say that he isn't going to
be his friend anymore... I was like damn I fucked up that
friendship ... but I wasn't lying so... I dunno ... well Jack was
supposed to call me back at 11:30pm but he didn't ... so ohh well
I'll talk to him later ... lol Ohh yeah... I took a shower sumwhere
between the times Jack called ... and I tried to put on sumthing nice
and yet sumthing that made me look smaller ... so I wore this
sleeveless tight white shirt that showed my nipples.. yeah that's how
tight it was.. and my nike air jogging pants... hehe I gotta look
good now don't I? Hehe Andria was wearin this big ass shirt that
showed everything she had cuz it had a slit down the sides ... and a
pair of shorts...

~~~When Andria came to my house~~~

Well, let me think... Andria came to my house at like maybe
12:30pm.. and we just sat here and talked for a while ... and I was
sorta checking her out... ::smiles:: Then she was like do u wanna go
to your grams so we can talk... I was like ok sure grab your stuff
and lets go ... so we went to my bedroom and we both laid on the
bed...We were talking and stuff ... and she was like can I call
Tiff... I was like yeah go on ... so I sat there for like... 30
minutes being bored listening her talk to Tiff ... which got me sorta
jealous ... yeah that's right I'm jealous of Tiff... I can't help
it ... but anywho while I was being bored I was looking at pics that
Andria had brought over ... and I finally saw what Tiff looks
like ... she is umm.... manly? I mean she is nothing like I thought
she would be... Well, Andria started to look at my pics of friends
and my yearbook ... and she was talking to me more then she was
Tiff ... lol lol well she hung up with Tiff at like 1:30am... And
like from there on in ... we just acted crazy ... like we always
do ... lol it was fun ... but she kept talking bout Tiff... =/ But
hey it's all good... Well, we went to sleep at like... 6am... and
that was all that ... now on to today...


Andria and I woke up at 1:30... we went over to my house ... and she
was looking at things I have on my computer... Well, Pat paged me ...
so I called him back ... and he like went off on me asking me what I
told Jack ... all I said was.. I told him everything that U said bout
him ... lol well we hung up like 5 minutes later.... And Andria got
online ... and when she got off... I got on ... then she called Tiff
again ... when she hung up she got back online ... and I was like I'm
going to take my shower ... she was like ok go on... I got out of the
shower like 20 minutes later ... all dressed... I walked up behind
her to see what she was doing on the computer ... when she noticed I
was standing behind her ... she turned around looked me up and
down ... and sorta smiled... I was like what? and she goes ohh
nothing ... keep looking at me ... and looked back at the screen....
I sat on the bed to brush my hair.. and keep watching her... hehe she
had went into this bi-chatroom and all these gurls were Imin her and
like talking dirty to her ... lol I was like damn and I thought only
guys r horny like that ... lol ohh yeah Andria showed me a pic of
this one gurl... and that gurl was in a shower I think it was ...
naked... I was like dammmmnn...Andria was like what... I was like umm
lol nothing ... and she was like ok... well then my mom came home...
and she kicked us off the computer... So Andria was like ok I'm going
to go take my shower I was like aight and I sat back down on the
bed... I tell u she looked hot as hell when she got out of the shower
she was wearing this tank top and these short shorts... omg is all I
can really say lol... Ohh yeah I forgot to say before I took my
shower while I was online Andria came up behind me ... and started to
play with my hair... I tell ya what a turn on... hehe ::Smiles:: lol
So after she took her shower we went over to my grams to listen to
music and chill... Then Andria goes ... ohh yeah I gotta call Tiff...
Well,... Tiff ended coming over to our house to see Andria... and
while she was there... I stayed on the stairs to wait for Andria...
Then umm.... my mom got sick and Andria had to call her mom to come
pick her up... and she left at like 8 sumthing.... :( But as soon as
she got home she got online and we talked for a few minutes.... and
she told me that she would get back to me... I was like aight... and
then sumthing odd happened.. Bobby(my ex) Imed me saying hey boo-
boo... I was like omg... why is he Imin me.... He wanted to call me
so I was like aight and I gave him my number... and then signed off
so he could call.... He actually did call.. and he was sayin how he
missed me... and I was like I take it u don't have a gurlfriend
yet ... and he was like yeah that's right... So I said.. and why
don't u? All he said was ... cuz I'm waiting for u baby.... I want u
to be my boo... I was like ohh really ... lol and he started to talk
dirty ... and I was like stop it ... and he goes why baby...and I was
like I dunno just stop ... so he did ... and I told him that Andria
had just left and he was like ohh u still hang with her... I was like
yep ... and I went on to say that were both bi... He was like baby
why r u like that... I was like I dunno I have always been like
that ... and since so many guys have treated me wrong... I just sorta
came out ... and he was like well baby I never did...I was like yeah
I know ... yeah I know I was lyin out of my ass ... lol well then we
talked bout music and we hung up cuz his mom had a phone call....
Then I got back online.... and I got attacked by IMs lol... I was
talking to 5 people ... and then I signed off cuz Andria paged me....
so I called her up... and listened to her spill her guts bout Tiff
for like an hour... I tried to give her advice but I didn't really
know what to say... we hung up at like 11:30 cuz Tiff called her and
Andria told me she would call me tomorrow..... and that's bout all
that happened... my hand is hurting like hell and I dunno why :( :(
So I guess I will stop writing... bye bye 4 now Peace and B Wild!!!


I forgot to say that Lou saw my pic cuz he got his computer fixed
and I guess he liked me ... cuz he still wants to meet me in person
and stuff ... and he told me that I have 2 weeks to decide rather or
not if I want to go out with him or not... Damn what am I going to
do?? lol Someone please help me!!!!!! There is toooo many guys in my
life!!!!!!! lol aight that's all bye bye