The Crazy Life of Troy, the Drama King!
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2002-09-10 16:54:24 (UTC)

I have to work U-Scan tonight....ewwww....

Well I woke up around 12:00 and I couldn't believe it! How
could I have slept that long?! Geez, I'm such a lazy ass. I
hate waking up so late in the day, I feel like I've missed
out on half the day! Especially today cause I have to be at
work at 3! That only gives me 2 1/2 hours of freedom to do
whatever I want! I stayed up late last night writing my
long ass entry and watching Road Rules and Sorority Life
that my mom taped for me while I was away at work!! Hehehe,
thanx Mom! It kinda upset me, cause Sorority Life ran over
a little bit so I missed the end of it!! All I have to say
is: GO MARA AND JORDAN! That sorority is full of stuck up
ugly girls that are jealous of anyone that is prettier than
them! I'm sorry, but what is the deal with sorority's
anywayz? I hope not ALL sorority's are like that, or I feel
sorry for ANYONE who joins them! I mean, when I'm in
college, I wanna do WHAT I want, WHENEVER I want, I don't
want to think about who I'm "representing" when I'm out
partying my ASS off! Geez, who wants to be under close
watch their college years?? NOT ME!

Anywayz, I stayed up late so I guess that's why I slept in
so late. I talked to Leslie for a little while online, but
I was about ready to pass out so I HAD to go to bed. I felt
kinda bad cause she was telling me a lot of things that
were going on in her life. (Sowwy Leslie, I still love ya!)

I wonder what work is gonna bring me today. I'm on U-Scan
all night so I won't really be able to talk to anyone
unless they come to me. Some nights I love U-Scan, but most
nights I want to shoot myself! It's constantly beeping
because guests are stupid and it is sooooo sensetive!!
Guests think that YOU'RE making it do that, when you're
really not! They get attitudes with you and it does not fly
by well with me. I cannot wait to be trained on Service
Desk, Christy said she would love it if I was up there! Woo

That's another thing too, Christy and I actually talked
last night and we're getting along! I've always thought she
was hot, but I was always too shy to say anything and I
heard that she was stuck up her own ass. It turns out she's
really not and she's a very nice girl, but of course, she
has a boyfriend. I just wanna be friends with her anywayz.

I got JT's screen name on AIM last night, but he wasn't
online! And I can't say HOW I got it either or someone
would kill me. I really wanna talk to him online and just
apologize about the whole mess I've made. I'm too shy to
say anything in person and maybe if I talk to him online,
THEN I will be more comfortable around him in public. I
just wish he would get his ASS online!

Everyone at work has been really supportive about the whole
situation. I was really down on myself for assuming things
about JT, but everyone agreed that I was not stupid for
assuming that he wasn't exactly straight. A lot of people
thought he was like that, and MANY people, I can't say
who...they say he's just in denial, which is completely
believable!! I mean, I was in denial while I had a
girlfriend!! And I think JT is just 18 or 19, so I can see
how he can't admit to himself what his sexuality might be...

Welp, I guess that's it for now. Hopefully no drama goes
down tonight, but if it does...you will be sure to hear
about it!!


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