My life
2002-09-10 16:45:56 (UTC)

~*~*Thinking Things Over*~*~

Alright, last night i went over all my entries in my diary
and damn ive been one depressed girl. But the past month
ive been doing a lot better. But with all this shit with
alex "liking" Brant, its just making it all worse on me.
and my grades have been so good lately, i have 4 b's 1 d
and 1 F but i mean the D i can get up easliy, and the F its
only bc i only have 2 test grades and i bomed those because
they were at the begging of the year right after me and
brant had goal is to have all B's!!! Momma and
Scott would flip and be so happy and thats what i wanna
do!! So guys are my last priority. 1st-my homework 2-Family
3-Friends 4-Emotions(me) 5- sum guys, I mean 10th grade
year is the most importnat, it decides a lot of your
future, and ive got to get my g.p.a up in order to
graduate, i know that i still have 3 years, but these 3
years are gonna go by so fast!!! And i dont have skates
anymore so i wont be going skating so i wont have to worry
about brant, ya the first 3 weeks or so im gonna be asking
everyone what happened and all but i mean ill get use to
not going, and that will be good on me. i lived my middle
school life at that place, and now its time to move on and
live my highschool life the way a highschooler should live
it!! Going to football games, basketball games, parties all
that stuff, things that i missed out on last year bc i was
to scared. and because i didnt wanna lose touch with Brant,
if you read over my entries from last year all i was
worried abotu was loosing touch with brant. THATS IT! my
life was complety about him. and i think that if i really
tried then to stop going sk8n, and put my mind to getting
over him i would have. but i was to scared, ive loved him
for so long. and..ya..I mean i look at Emily and wonder how
the hell she does it, she was so in love with Troy and now
that there over shes w/ nene! i dotn get it!! i mean i know
that this stop seeing brant plan is going to be kinda hard
considering eh lives 5 min away from me, but i can
luv ya