Life Sux Then You Die
2001-07-22 04:50:01 (UTC)

Day: 9

Ok... A new entry finally... I hated my 5th grade year. It
was the worst in me going to school. It might not be as bad
as some of yours school year is what I remember:

Me and my family moved from Rural New York to Suburban
Georgia. A BIG CHANGE FOR ME. Here nobody likes yankees...
We moved in with our grandma for a little while then we
found a house...well... a duplex. It sucked. It was a 2
bedroom duplex and it had a small living room and a tiny
kitchen. At first it was just 4 of us. Me, my little
sister, my mom and my dad. After about a year or two my
older sister moved in with us(she lived in new york with
her dad and then moved to georgia). Then it was 5 in that
small house. 3 in our bedroom -_-'. It was cramped...and it
was especially cramped when my older sister got boyfriends
and brought them in there...when she did bring them in
there to watch TV or something we werent allowed in
there... Anyway.. We moved to the duplex and me and my
sister met some kids.. all were younger then me. So they
werent in my grade. The only one that was in my grade was a
girl named Ali but she was in a different class which
totally sucked. I had the only male teacher in the whole
elementary school, Mr. Lee. He was cool...I moved to
Georgia in july but didnt go to school until sep 7th, which
is the normal time for new york to go back to school.
Well... I was about a month late for school. The only
friend I had in that class rejected me after a week... She
was just a helper who showed me around the class and helped
me out. I never got a friend to talk to in that whole
class. The guys and girls always picked on me. Since I
broke 2 pairs of glasses my mom got me plastic frames(clear
pink with clear blue and purple swirls). A boy came up to
me and told me the way to act cool is to put masking tape
in the middle. I think that is the day I became sarcastic
to people. I told him: Yea..Thats the coolest thing in the
world. I rolled my eyes and went on working. Gretchen
became my reading buddy(we 5th graders got to go read to
1st graders and she was my partner) and she hated me too.
She was a really skinny red haired freackled
know..the kind with snot running constantly. One day coming
in from recess a boy named, Danny(i remember his name which
is scary), Put an arm around my shoulder and grabbed my
child was sooo ackward. I hated 5th grade. I
don't tell me best friends anything from my 5th grade year.
It was the worst. Everyone picked on me... The only friends
I had were in the 2nd grade and 1st sister was
in 3rd...Kathey was my best friend in 5th, 6th, 6th again
(my repeat year -_-'), and then she moved... We moved
too... I began school at Shiloh Middle and I started
getting friends. In 6th grade I had a best friend named
Gladys(2nd time around) and the first time it was Sucheta.

well...i have to go now! bye