Welcome to MY wOrLd
2002-09-10 14:34:47 (UTC)

the 10th hehe

SO ya nothing much has been going on here. I have to hand
in my first paper for english today. Can't wait for my
first F... Anyways..

Tonight is Yoga class. i will update you on that after hehe.

Last night sara and i got really fucked up for no reason. And we
were told to take 20 pills and die by someone. Then he told me to go
jump out the window.. WICKED COOL.. haha i love it! or.. i have a
beter idea.. you go take 20 pills jump out the window and then it
wont hurt you... and I WONT HAVE TO HEAR YOUR STUPID SHIT! Personal
adive to this person.. Try something new.. be nice its a rough topic
for someone of your caliber but hey! theres a first for everything.
Don't jsut PRETEND to be nice to get what you want.. actually be a
good person.. whoa.. thats rough.

I was thinking about guys. I dont understand to much of the subject.
I read this thing called "nice guys finish last". Heres the link:
http://www.angelfire.com/vt2/g_hols/Niceguy. Its saying that all
girls mainly fall for assholes. and the more the asshole is an
asshole... the more the girl falls for the asshole. I must say, in
my situation, that is SOOOO FUCKING TRUE! its like the more i get
treated poorly the more i feel i am doing something wrong, and that
if i change suddenly i'll be good enough. well chances are, the
asshole type will never consider you good enough. The more i think
about it, i can honestly say, that lately I've done nothing wrong.
And that i dont deserve this sort of treatment, but none the less. I
still go back for more. What a vicious cycle. none the less. Adive
to all assholes: Being an asshole keeps girls coming back for more,
so well keep it up. God forbid you were nice, you might actually
have a serious long term relationship with a decent respectable