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2001-07-22 04:26:49 (UTC)


Today was good. I finally did sleep for a few hours this
morning, and then I went to San Francisco with my dad. He
went to a Thai restaurant and I wandered around Haight
street. It's a very cool place. It's so much more...real.
The people are so diverse. I found a groovy hippy store and
got purdy plastic bracelets and this floppy velvet hat with
lots of dim colors. It's my friend. Then this dude harassed
me...haha. He kept asking if I had a boyfriend and he
said "what, you don't think I'm cute? Well, I'll see you
later. You're really pretty." It freaked me out. It wasn't
good at all...he seemed like a crack addict (seriously) and
I'm sure he tries to hit on every girl who happens to walk
by. I looked through the thrift stores as well as the over-
priced trendy boutiques. Michelle and Sharon, you should
come with me to Haight Street some day! Lauren and Tenisha
could come too. It's really not that scary. Maybe when I
can drive (I was supposed to start learning this
summer...hmm.) After a few hours I went back to where my
dad was and he was all worried and stuff. I was supposed to
be back at 2:30 and I was 2 hours late. I didn't know that
there was a time set at all! So he called the police and a
car was driving around looking for me. We had to wait
for them to come back and then I had to talk to the
cops...but they were actually really nice, unlike the ones
who abducted me a few months ago. Maybe it's because I
wasn't wearing my black beanie this time...heh. Anyway, I
felt pretty foolish.