crackheads thoughts
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2002-09-10 13:04:56 (UTC)

Today I Fly!!!! more than one way!!

i think im gonna cry now.....cause my day started out
really bad!!!but then again it all started yesterday in 6th
when i found out what i did!!! that makes me wanna
cry....its all my fault.....there waz no talking
today....but thats will all be over by tomorrow and
the talking with all come back to me. its picture day..i
hate picture day they suck!!!! thats just that!! and as you
can tell im in a really bad mood cause of this ...but like
always im not saying a word...but its all good i will get a
phone call when i get home at 5:15 but its all good till
then. Well im gonna go now cause thats all i know to
say....." could say a lot of stuff if i waznt so mad so i
could think" well....bu-bye all


* i am off to talk to no-one*

stupid SONG!!! *you got it bad*.....(this morning)