Nasty Baby Precious

My Dirty Nasty lil Secrets
2002-09-10 07:21:05 (UTC)

Good Ol'e Mr Hot Huts!

This diary is kwel, told a few people about it in class
today. In my Health Science class I got rather a shocking
surprise as I walked in I saw a worthless prick that should
be nutered! I met Johnny Jack-off about five months ago, a
real ass! He believes he is God's answer and prayers to
women! Yeah he got the "Big Head" (one between his
shoulders) He spots me and strolls over feel'in all stud in
his super tight jeans and says, "Hey baby, with me you can
forget rest of mankind, I got the hot nuts you hungry for!"
Yeah and I am Miss America and virgin too! Anyway I blow
this guy off and for two months he stalks me.

He sends me love lettter with semen on them and pictures of
his cock! This guy is trying hard to be a future registered
sex offender and sexual pervert. So I am not afraid of this
asshole so I go out with Hot Nuts who is eager to get me in
bed. As we drive along he whips out his cock and says, "Hey
baby you ain't never had anything like this. This is all
you need!" I just want to fuck the guy and get rid of him!

In my apartment we go right to bed! He rides me, and rides,
me and rides me, the just when I am about to have this
really deep orgasm he shoots his load and passes out! I cum
but not getting the orgasm I was building. Now I am really
pissed! So I get dressed and go back to the club and met
this really cute 32 year old Married man. We trip on over
to the Holiday Inn and spends two wonderful hours giving me
one of the greatest fucks I have had! His cock explodes
deep inside me just as I have this really huge orgasm as he
huggs me and tells me his wants me pregnant with is baby!

Then I leave and go back to my apartment hopeing hot nuts
has left! Sure enough he was still there in my bed
slobering all over my pillow asleep. So I get in bed and go
to sleep. Next morning we wake up and he does me again five
minutes later shooting his cum load saying I am the
greatest he ever had then he leaves!

So I sit down and he whisles at me, and I tell him, "Hey
stud, where you been! I am like major pregnant with your
baby Hot Nuts!" He sits up and says, "The hell you are! Ah
it ain't mine, oh hell no!" I nod my head and said, "Oh
yes, yes you are and daddy-daddy says if you don't marry
me, he is going to give you a 12 gauge enema for getting
his sweet precious pregnant!" Suddenly he jumps up just as
the proffesor comes in the room and runs out!

The proffesor asked what his hurry was and I said, "Oh
nothing, ole hot nuts just thinks he got me pregnant! But I
was seeing just what his reaction would be if I was! And
now class and girls we know don't we!"

After class I met with Sharon and Stacy and went over their
apartment where we fooled around only to be distrubed by
the TV Cable guy who had come to fix their messed up Cable
box. Where all naked and Stacy tells us to be quiet and
stay that she'll take care of it. So Sharon and I are sixty
nining each other as Stacy gets in her robe and lets in the
cable guy to fix her box. A few minutes later we are both
yelping as we orgasm making bed noises.

Sharon then puts on this strapon cock and starts doing me.
I am fixing to cum big time and start heaving and
yelling, "Oh yes, Oh baby oh fuck me, yeah fuck me baby I
am going to cum!" Minutes later Stacy comes back in the
bedroom and said, "Hey you guys you got they guy all hot
and bothered and really embaressed me, thanks now he will
tell everyone at the cable company what a big whore I am!

The cable guy came back in with a new box so Sharon and I
wrapped towels around us and walked into the living room!
Yeah, this guy was having a major hard on and quite nervous
too! He says as he is installing the box, "Sounds like you
girls are having fun!" This guy is older in his late forty
and I ask, "You married?" He replied, "No, I am single!"
Sharon says, "From that hard on you got in yor pants I
would say you need some pussy!"

Stacy is trying to hush us up as I walk by the TV and drop
my towel and said, "Want to fuck?" He finishes and
said, "Hell yeah!" So we all fuck the cable guy who told us
he hadn't had any sex in four months! He was good too. He
asked if he could come spend the night with us? And we told
him yes!