Reality Bites
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2002-09-10 06:10:49 (UTC)

Feelin hella good?

Ha sorry I just got back from practice. I've heard that
song a bajillion times tonight. Well, the first day back
since- "the incident" as Alyss calls it lol. It was fine. I
looked really cute (on purpace-ha) and I must have gotten
like 25 comments from people, but I just hurt all day long,
you know? I didnt tell anyone that, cause they'd yell at
him or yell at me and tell me I can do better & shit. Dont
people get it? I dont want better! I want him, and I cant
have him and that makes me sad. Today when I saw him I just
pretended I didnt see him at first. I didnt want to look as
pathetic and excited to see him as I actually was. He
stopped me a few times to give me a huge smile or to talk-
It made my heart stop, I'll be honest. Why did I pick this
goofy not-extreemly attractive guy to fall in love with?
That's the question of the hour. I don't know I just did.
He called twice tonight, and I made it very normal, but
inside it killed me. "HE DOESNT LIKE ME. HE THINKS IM UGLY.
HE DOESNT LIKE ME. HE KNOWS IM UGLY" kept running through
my head. Again, when I had to go, he pulled the 'I love
you' out. God why does he do this to me? Im being torn
apart limb by limb--or at least that's how it feels. Guys,
please, dont do this to girls, it SUCKS. Alright I need
sleep. peace out.