random mumblings
2002-09-10 05:11:55 (UTC)

what a shitty day

wake up, chat for a while, do a little bit of web
development, whatever. bus comes at 1:30, so naturally i
head to jump in the shower at about 1:10 and lucky me!
they're doing plumbing at my place so i don't get to
shower...or wash...or brush my teeth. so i threw a hat
on, bought some gum and went to work. at lunch, they
didn't have any paper plates, so me like a genius decides
to nuke my food on the plastic bag that i brought it
in...naturally, the food turns the color of the plastic
bag and i throw it out. then i end up working overtime,
waiting at least 20 minutes for every bus i have to take
to get home. other than that, today was good :)