2002-09-10 04:43:20 (UTC)

"i want to be the light that burns out your eyes...i want to be the last thing you hear when youre falling asleep..."

whenever im alone with you, you make me feel like i am
home again.

what a cure night, eh?

"however far away...i will always love you...however long
i stay...i will always love you...i will always

i hate people that sign off and on every five mins. it
fucks up my music and makes me mad.

"Salute the essence Perfection's humor Conversed so
often: mute

Oh my dear I'm always near Oh my dear Heal

We can't conceive A child's peace Belief our
Salute the essence: The essence of two performers A
pleasure ridden torture "

falling away...
i feel so weightless.
i submit to a yes.
sleep is for the weak
and i cant feel my heart beat
when it lies so far from here
so ill go through my day
ill tell everyone
including myself
that im okay
but i dont even know where i am half the time
the other half
i dont even care.
back to this routine.
in and out of this haze
of coffee cigarettes studying working driving and
meaningless talk
meaningless...lots of things
im missing substance.
now that i know
how beautiful and fulfilling life can be.
how do i go back.
how do i
not hurt and love
cuz this detaching myself goal
protecting my heart thing.
how do i give everything
and not loose it too.
nothing makes sense
except loving her

im so good at lying to myself now.
i dont even know how i feel
so dont ask baby
cuz youre the only thing thats real.