Wally's Wackin' Shack
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2002-09-10 04:42:28 (UTC)

Ok.....Now I'm Taking you from Saturday to Today

Saturday Night......I helped everyone pick out what they
were gonna wear, so, that put me up to be last to get
ready, cuz.......I take forever, longer than most girls, if
not just as long. I was wearing my "Look at ME, I'm GAY!"
Outfit. A Metalic Blue Shiney Shirt, Black Stretch DKNY
Pants, and platform shoes, those are SOOOOOOOO cool, I felt
tall. I went back to the same places as the night before, I
went to my Daquiri Shop, got a LARGE Hurricane. Went to
the Bourbon Pub and Parade Disco, one of the BEST Gay Clubs
on Bourbon. I went straight for my stage, got up dances
with a few guys, but they had nothing on me. I worked it
out on the stage. I went with new friends I
made......Anna, she's German, REALLY TALL...Blonde, I call
her a Warrior Princess. Jamie...She's really cool, and she
likes to think of me as her Bitch. Zazu, that's not her
full name, but I can't pronounce her full name. Erin,
she's the daughter of the Mayor of Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Justina, she's from Oregan, and her entire wardrobe just
SCREAMS she was the most difficult to help, I
had LOTS of Trouble helping her out. Winnie....she's
Chineese, from a suberb of Beijing, by way of New York.
Ian, he's str8, but was curious as to what goes on in a gay
club, and My self. A total of 8 people. We all stuffed
ourselfes into a Kia Spectra, Don't ask me how we did it,
but it was VERY uncomfortable. It was really fun, and
Chris was at the same intersection at the same time, and we
missed each other, I think he might have seen me, but I
don't know, I was drunk off my ass. So I wasn't noticing
people. Came back, had a long discussion with the same
people I partied with on Thursday, we spoke on the subjects
of Douching, and Masterbation, and if a Woman gave me a lap
dance, would I be aroused, and DUH!!!! no! Sunday, I slept
half the day, got breakfast, did laundry, Talked to Chris,
my suga Plum. Today, Monday, I was too tired to go to
class, so I just chilled all day, and OMG......the rush
Chair from Theta Xi came and picked me up, we went Rock
Climbing. I'm a pledge now, first born is gonna
be balls got yanked all the way up
my thoat. Tomorrow...Tuesday, the Frat invited me to come
out for a Slip and Slide Baseball thing, I dont' know how
this is gonna work, but I've gotta pull some impressive
thing shit, cuz my rock climbing skills lacked A LOT!
Wednesday night they are taking me out to dinner with the
fellow Pledges, it's a NICE ass expensive restaurant in
Metarie, that's a section of New Orleans, I have NO idea
where that is. I HOPE!!!!!! I get initiated, if I
do....I'm a brother for LIFE!!!!! I've never have had a
brother, I think it would be a nice experience. But with
pledging I've turned straight until I'm iniciated. I
really hate hiding who I am, but I don't want it to hinder
my getting in. This means A LOT to me, and I've thought
about telling my future brothers, but I don't want to risk
not being inducted at all. OMG I'm also goin' to a Yoga
Class with Winnie tomorrow, and I've got a Student
Government meeting tomorrow, I've got to see if I can still
get inducted. hmmmmmmmmmmm........I think that's all
that's happening in my life right now......Pretty Boring!