2001-07-22 02:20:35 (UTC)

I'm back

Seems like its been quite a while since i've written
anything..been busy tryin to spend some time with the "gf"
Seems like she's a 24/7 person and i'm not..
We've been gettin closer, but ther's still problems.
She recently surprised me a bit, but i won't go into that
Been tryin to spend more time with her, for me thats like
2-3 times a week is alot, for her, i think seeing each
other everyday would be ok.
We're seeing each other like 3 times a week now.
Do any other girls hav a problem driving over to a guys
house?..I asked her to drive over and she made a huge scene
about it.
I asked her to come over to my place and she's like, you
want me to drive over??? like it was a huge deal.
Not like we live far from each other, its abt 5-10min drive
So whats the big deal? she's like, a guy should always
drive a girl around...
I was just abt to ask her where she's been livin for the
past few years!
I understand if we're goin out somewhere and you want me to
drive, but your comin over to my house, is it just me or
doesn't it make much sense to drive to her house to get her
and bring her to mine?
Not like she doesn't have a car, just refuses to drive