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2002-09-10 03:56:52 (UTC)

Im slowly getting over it. I..

Im slowly getting over it. I think the reason why I was so
upset was because Im pmsing. I get too emotional and start
letting to many things get to me when they really
shouldnt. Ive gone backc onto my Anti-Depressants which
have already made a change after a day. Pretty pathetic.
Ive used other online diarys and I really like the layout
of this one. It seems personal, but not. If I had a real
diary which I wrote pen to paper in I knew I wouldnt touch
it. This one is much easier to write your thoughts down
into. I had another talk with him last night and it wasnt
because I was late seeing him on Saturday but another
matter which he STILL wouldnt disclose to me. When he
decides to speak with me Im going to lay it all down on the
table straight to him. Last night I made a vow to myself
that I wouldn't let another guy make me cry and so far my
past 2 boyfriends have done that to me. Im NOT going
through an I hate men Phase but I HATE men who dont
frigging communicate phase. I wish there was somewhere
where I could take lessons in mind reading. It would make
EVERYTHING so much easier. I was listening to Avril
Lavigne again this morning and "Losing Grip" seems to be
the song of the moment for me. My next Entry will have
something more positive in it, I promise.

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