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2001-07-22 02:12:42 (UTC)

silly me

so i thought i had a crush on my best guy friend...after
spending a lot of time just me and him i realized that
THANK GOD i do not! haha...hes a great guy and i still
love him, but not in that way. i think i just miss having
a guy around that im attracted to and he feels the same
way. im sorry for all u guys out there that think that
girls dont need to hook up on occasion too, cuz frankly we
do. my friend jen and i were having a convo the other day
saying how long its been since we've had a boyfriend, and
if we found one we wouldnt know how to act. which is kind
of funny. her and i have never been the type to feel
unfullfilled if we didnt have a boyfriend. but i think for
the both of us its at the point where we need the
attention. but soon we'll be back at school where there are
tons of guys looking for girls to give that attention too.
who would have thought that being at home could be so god
awful....well im off to my lovely night shift at the
hotel...YUCK!!! and if anyone is reading this thinking god
this girl is pathetic...maybe i am...but i still need to be
kissed on a regular basis :p

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