2001-07-22 02:02:58 (UTC)

My Saturday!

I am in the car... in Troy, Alabama, and am gonna stop and
spend the night in about an hour. Then tomorrow, we are
gonna drive to Panama City, Florida. So far, from my
truckin' accident last night, I am pretty sore! It really
hurts to even put my shoes on! But I will be ok! We just
left Cracker Barrel, and the thing is that I never even eat
on Saturdays, and then today... ( for a change ), I ate a 6
veggie plate for dinner! Although I hadnt eaten all day any
wayz! I just still can't believe that I ate that much on 1
Saturday!I will be at a hotel soon, to hook up the laptop,
so then I can publish what I have written today, onto this
page! but I think that becauze i just picked up and left
after a night like last night, I am probly ganna have to
call homea couple times, becauze I am gonna be so homesick
after something like that! The drive has gotten a little
quieter, and I my self am starting to calm down, about
everything! I think that leaving town and getting away
from everything for a wekk is gonna help a night like last
night, but it has really had an emotional effect on me
today! I have been really quiet today, and am trying to
stay calm, becauze just thinking about last night makes me
HOME SICK! I know that I have not even been gone for one
day, and it may sound strange, but it is only the truth! I
wish that I would have waited to leave, becauze I wanted to
talk things out a little more! But no matter if I am
homesick or not... I am glad to be away from every thing!

( now if i can just stop
workin on mmy website!... LoL... Adam... I'll try to )

~*Mallory aka Mallerdee*~
( '.' )
( )
(''')(''') its a BUNNY!