2001-07-22 02:01:10 (UTC)

Friday Night

i haven't written in a day or so, becauze my
schedule has been crazy! Yesterday, I was gone all day to
go shopping for new jeans, becauze for some reason my
clothes either all tear, or suddenly disappear! But last
night was terrible, becauze of misunderstandings, and ppl
were mad at me, and i though ( and still don't know) that i
had lost a couple friends. then i got the wind knocked out
of me when i was truckin' ( 4 those of u who dont know...
trucking is faster and more experienced skating!) (roller
skating ) Danielle wuz my trucking partner, behind me, and
when i turned around, i didnt know that a guy twice my size
had fallen, and i flipped forwards over him, and landed
flat on my ribs!!!! I banged up my ribs, knees, and sides!
then when i got up, i had to hold on to danielle, becauze i
couldn't breathe, and waz not sure if i could stand up or
not! after last night, i came home and called ppl, trying
to talk my problem out, and i think i have, but lets put it
this way... if it doesn't help... i dont know what will
happen, becauze it will probly get really bad! and i am
worried about that! but changing the subject... i am in the
car typing on the laptop, driving to Panama City, Florida!
So far... i havent killed my sister yet, but she is getting
on my nerves, but oh well, cauze that is just how sisters
are! as of now, we are in fayetteville, tn! but it feels
like we should already be out of tennessee, ATLEAST, but we
arent! right now, if i were ome, i would be skating right
now, but for the first time in my life, last night i wanted
to get out of the skating rink, and instead i am in the

~*Mallory a.k.a. Mallerdee or Angel#2*~