Blind My Eyes
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2002-09-10 03:14:12 (UTC)

*I'm sO pAthEtiC!*

Ok, this is getting really bad. I'm online at almost 11:30
pm just wishing to god jake would get online. everytime i
hear my little icq alert that tells me someone is on my
heart leaps into my throat. I am so STUPID!!!!!!!!!! i
should just get over him, but i can't. i love how he is!! i
don't love him, just his personality and everything. fuck.
already played that game tho.... that's probably my
problem. i'm never going to amount to his ex. i just wish
for once that i could be someone who actually attracts
people instead of becoming good friends with them and then
no one wanting to take it any farther.... am i Really that
bad??? i don't freakin kno. i'm going to bed. Night