Glimpse of Reality
2001-07-22 01:24:41 (UTC)

Saturday July 21 2001

Last night went wonderful for the boys. I was so happy for
them. the opening band Savak was just not good at all. Sam
was so nervous until then and I asked Mike what he though
and he said , "Well I appreciate him opening for us and
Sam's not nervous anymore he said he could play his
keyboard with his nose and it wouldnt sound this bad". I
laughed so hard and while they were playing I dont know how
many people came up to me and told me how good they thought
Twelve stitches were.
Sam and Mike thought they sucked though which I disagree
with whole heartedly. But they felt much better because
when they were leaving like 6 people jumped onto them and
asked them if they would sign their Cd's! that really made
their night and I know myself, Lila, and Miriam were just
watching. I actually said what was on my mind, "this is
what makes doing changes in time all worth it." I loved
sitting back watching a small crowd around one of our
bands.. it was a very good feeling I can telly ou that.
they left today which is good and bad both. I am going to
miss having them around they were great to hang out with
but I have a lot of stuff to catch up on namely my
boyfriend. TW's at ComiCon today and he sent me this
adorable shirt that says "Perky goth- put the romance back
in necromancy" I love it! He always gets me stuff i just
adore like that beautiful jewlry box everyone goes nuts
over and I swear someone wants to steal it from me haha!
I have a lot of catching up to do with him but that's ok I
got this whole week and on Friday Mother goes on vacation
and the house is mine for a whole week and a half.. it
wasn't too bad last time I had the house i left it a bit of
a mess but other than that it was kind of nice to have this
big house to myself for four days.
And I'm off to the Kitchen tonight!

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