My life
2002-09-10 02:08:32 (UTC)


Ok, i have a lot of friends ill admit, but lately it seems
like no1 cares, ok heres my friends and about them:

~Marissa Cross~ shes suppose to be my best friend but i
dunno anymore, like i feel like i cant trust her anymore, i
mean i can be crying and all she seems to worry about is
Eric, wheres eric? who is he with? what is he doing? blah
blah blah blah! it drives me crazy!!!! i just want our old
friendship back, when it use to be me her n aimz, but thats
not gonna happen..

~Aimee Hawtrey~ ok heres the "411" on my girl, haha, she
lives in oregon and shes a trip, if you are ever w/ her and
your sad, (impossible when shes around) then she makes you
happy she always listens to my probs and helps me then only
thing is she lives 3000 miles away!!

~Alex Wilson~ i dont know whats going on with me and her,
the friendship went from me and her being sisters to me and
her barely even talking, we just have so many problems we
have to work on and it sux, i miss her

~Chelsea Mcguire~ Changed, changed, changed, thats all i
can say, our friendship went from ass buddies to barely
even talking..i dont know i miss 8th grade so much!

~Rachel beall~ ok out of everyone living in GB right now
rachel is the one im closest with, shes so much fun and i
know i can trust her! ive been friends w/ her for almost 5
years now!

~Brant Downing~ my heart, i can't get him off my mind, i
love him more than life its self, i would give him anything
and everything, i would give him whatever wanted, i pray
everything night till i cry for god to give me a chance to
be with brant, he is my world, my heart, my soul, i cant
get over him no matter how hard i try. I will always love

~Emily Ehlinger~ OK ill be honest this time last year i
though she the biggest slut in GB but my outlook on her
totally changed, she is one of my best friends now, i dont
know if i can fully trust her, but more than some ppl.

~Lindz Jordan~ we have our moments of being best
friends,but not lately

~annie florek~ me n her are becoming closer, i love her 2

~matt eitier~ this time last year, i was falling in love
with him and we were BEST FRIENDS he made everything seem
so much better, and now...we dont talk we walk past each
othe rin the halls and stare as we walk past each other, i
hate it.

~Ronnie~ the only reason he is friends w/ me is for marissa

~Eric theregood~ the only reason he is friends w/ me is for

~Danny bouthilet~ i kow that i can trust him with things
but i cant stand him anymore and i hate that.

~mitch retherford~ i love him to death, but he can be

~Will little~ Braindead

~Krueger hines~ My ex, my first love, but i dont love him
anymore, he cheated on me and he was the first person to
break my heart, but im over it now, i still care about him..

Nati gonzalez- well all ic an say is i will never be able
to say im sorry to her enough..i miss her like crazy

Those are all the people that fill up my days, and nights,
i guess you could say that i want to cry right now bc i
miss almost all of them. I miss the old days..when i use to
be bffs w/ everyone!!