2002-09-10 01:33:17 (UTC)

im really tired suddenly. i..

im really tired suddenly.

i got a flat tire when i went to pick up matt this
morning. that really fucked up the whole day.

i do so much for that kid and i dont even mind, like at
all, like i realize it sometimes but its like what im
meant to be doing or something. nevermind.

i started work today. that was good. i made $50 tonight.
i wish i didnt have to wait 2 weeks for it but oh well.
mom just gave me some money until then.

ashley and robin came over last night. they're coming over
tomorrow too i think and spending the night.. i dont know
if i'll bring it up unless matt asks but i might end up
feeling bad and telling him even though he'll get mad for
no reason. since robins leaving i should try to hook up
ashley and marcy. they both need to get over the assholes
they're hung up on. but they're both pretty stubbornly
convinced that those assholes are for them. so i dont know
if it will work.

i have hiccups. im tired but i want to watch the finale of
that stupid show, sorority life. lol.

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