Oh,The Insanity
2002-09-10 00:40:00 (UTC)

kilts and such

i guess it's just nick and I on mondays, for a while at
least. Mom started her new job today and she started
college...yay :-) So, nick and I went to the walmart and
bought material for Adam's kilt (teehee) and bought a
pattern at JoAnn Fabric's. Ok, maybe I should explain.
if u are an avid reader of my diary, you will know that a
few months back, I got hooked on these trashy romance
novels. The Outlander Series. Anyways, these books took
place in Scotland and the main character reminded me of
Adam, so I went on this thing where all I did was eat sleep
and read these books...and of course, over time, I
developed a...fetish, if you will, for guys in kilts. So
one day I was like "hey adam...ever wear a kilt?" and he
goes "no" and I'm like "if I ask REAL nice, would you?" and
he's like "sure" and does that really great look he always
gets whenever I suggest something that's REALLY out there.
So the plan was that he was gonna wear a kilt to the ball
and of course, I would have had to make it for him...well,
I never thought I'd find a pattern, so I was like "just
wear a suit." And so he did, and so he looks REALLY great
in a suit, lol. Anyhow, I had pretty much dropped the kilt
issue aside from random mentions of how great it would be
to go out with a scotsman cuz they wear kilts. Then
Corinne and I were in the Walmart lookin at hallowe'en
costumes and she was like "EM LOOK!" and lo and behold,
there was a freakin kilt pattern. So of course, the
majority of my dreams, lately, have involved a kilt-clad
Adam and some wild heather bushes...and maybe a black
horse...OOOooooOOOO ^_^ So I went and bought the pattern
while I still wanted it bad, and I bought material. I can't
freakin wait.
Worked all day, then went up to see adam, then went to
school, then came home and made dinner for nick, then went
to the walmart then here I am...at home, with nothing to do
cuz Adam's doin homework.

Oh yeah,
That's all for now~_^
Peace, Love and Bullet-Proof (unburned) Marshmallows!

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