Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
2002-09-10 00:24:06 (UTC)

5 days until University

I wasn't planning on putting an entry into this thing
today hence the crap title but I need to input some stuff.
The damn dog bit me tonight, Max I mean. Blacky wouldn't
do that to me. For some reason, Max decided to take a bite
at Blacky when I let them out into the hall after mother
and Stuart left. I'm guessing he was worked up with Stuart
in the house because of all the times he's harrassed him
from outside the kitchen window. Well anyway, When Max
took a bite at Blacky, Blacky usually would just bite bit
back and it'd be over in a few seconds but this time they
were still at it after a half minute so I decided to
intervene. I'm asking for trouble for doing that but I'm
not letting some smartass punk dog maul my precious
Blacky. I gave Max a few kicks but he ignored them so I
went for his collar but Max rose his head and bit out
catching my left arm in his mouth which was then bitten to
fuck by Max before I got it out of his way and grabbed his
collar successfully and I strangled that fucker enough to
stop his rampage but the damage was done to me. I suppose
the wounds aren't too bad but the main wound is deep
enough to tear the main tissue beneath the skin and its
bleeding quite a bit. Since I have no medical equipment, I
had to make do with vodka as a cleaning agent and a sock
as a bandage. Not exactly NHS standard prescription but it
should do the job. Its strange though. It wasn't very
painful but I still felt like shit because of it. I think
it was more because the damage was so quick and easy tha
it showed me I have a weakness. I hate that, more than
most people could ever imagine.

I spoke to Martin, Ruth's step brother over MSN for the
first time. He insulted my screen name. I'll be "The Great
Saiya-Man" if I want. He comes across as an obnoxious
punk. I could grow to like him.