Happy days, and then those other ones
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2001-07-22 00:54:59 (UTC)

And the beat goes on...

I really don't want to get in the middle of it, cuz it's
none of my damn buisness, and stuff, but I'm nosey.
Competition... she won, game over, yet she feels that i am
a threat and that's never going to change - even now when i
put special effort to not even act cordial, and stuff.
Maybe she's just looking for a way out and I'm an easy
target? I told her that I didn't want to be the blame at
the very beginning of this whole thing. Can't always get
what you want, damn it all... I hope it all works out. just watching
tonight - they are really cute together, but they sweat the small
stuff and get really annoyed at each other's quirks. I don't really
know what either is thinking, but now that i see all of this...
I AM OVER HIM (have been for months) but i wish that they
could just get along and hug and make up... maybe tomorrow.

Trika is so cool. I'm glad that I got to meet her! i
don't really see the resemblance that everybody mentioned,
she is way cooler than me. We both have the AIM long
distance relationship thing going on, so she knows where
it's all at. She and Grasso are SO cute together. I wish
the best for them.

Speaking of long distance relationships, Dustin comes up in
6 days! SPIFFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he wrote me a poem:
when you are gone im lost but not found
and when you return it all turns around
when im in your arms my walls they fall
away from it all i wait for your call
i wonder and ponder when the night is clear
when the air is light and the moon is not wierd
i think and think and my eyes they stare
thinking a thought that these feelings are shared
im straining my heart my mind my eyes
trying to see if you'll ever be mine
my mind it may think whatever it wants
but your mind is different it thinks what you want
my heart is bearing unbearable strain
i sit outside thinking night day or rain
your skin is so soft like nothing before
your warmth it travels straight to my core
i miss the sweet wonderful scent of your hair
i miss you so much it must mean i care
hey look on the bright side ui get to see u in a week!

i can't wait untill he's here, but i have to. I'm kind of
nervous about it, though. Liz will be there though, so I
feel better. I can't wait to see him, and to hug him.
Wow. He's really coming!

I tried to dye my hair blonde... didn't work, gonna try

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