*a*v*e* tHe uNbLoNdE bEaUtY

tHe iNvIsIbLe gUrL
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2002-09-10 00:21:48 (UTC)


i hate losing. like, really, really badly. soccer game
today. lost. 9-0. nine to nothing. do you understand how
awful that is? its like getting kicked in the face. or
the stomach, or chest or something. it is just so bad. i
got so mad. i got a yellow card. i didnt say anything, or
do anything bad, really. but as i saw it, it was either
hit the ball, or hit someone's face. i chose the ball, got
an intentional handball, and then got tossed out of the
game for a while. then i cried. it was pathetic, but that
kind of whomp just sucks so bad. i wanted to hit things.
i am really ashamed now. there might have been a call for
it, but that didn't mean i had to do it. but honestly? 9-
0. i can't get over it.
max has mono. they found out today. he;s been sick for a
while. but do you know how he got it? making out with a
girl in DC he knew for one day. think he'll learn? nope.
i am in charge of keeping him up with school work and all.
berta was going to pay me. i couldn't let her. it would
ahve been a nice extra bit of cash in my backpocket, but
that's not me. good people to accept pay for doing good
things. i hope. we have a "study date" for sunday
afternoon. yippee. i dont know if i'm looking forward to
it--but i'm basically expected to call him every night this
week too. tonight on the phone he sounded ok, not good,
but ok, and he was just very nice. kind of eased my anger
about the game. well, i'm tired, and i'm out.

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