My life
2002-09-10 00:08:41 (UTC)

¤§¤ the Worst ¤§¤

I hate being confused. Like when you knwo what you want one
day and then the next day all your ideas and decisions have
totally changed. I can't stand it, like i really liked Tim
but now i don't knwo what i want!!! LIke this weekend I was
with Brant all weekend and like a lot of my feelings that
i've tried to hide and burry...But they came back. And i
kinda have a thing for Eric now, nothing big nothign big,
but its like a crush, like i would hook up with him, but i
would never do that to Marissa, even if were not getting
along right now. and then theres Ronnie, i like him a lot
and all but he is so obsessed with Marissa so i can't do
anything about it! Plus Mitch is his cuzin, so i mean
family comes first. Ya know? well i dont know whats going
on with me and alex, i know that she likes Brant, and i
dont have a reason to get mad at her, well actually i do, i
just hate fighting with her so im probably going to call
her in a minute. Because i can't stand not being friends
with her i just wanna know the truth. but oh well i guess
im never gonna find out whats going on, im not going to
call her im just going to write her a email. but i gg love
ya byebye

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