Thee Sandman

Thee Sandman
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2002-09-09 23:49:22 (UTC)

09.09.02 Dream "thanks D.D. again"

Well had another dream with my friend Darrell. It was
again in this weird twilight time, neither day nor night.
We were at a cabana over some water, it was warm and the
dream had the same feel as the last dream I had with Darrell
in it. Not like any other dream I have had in the past. He
looked vary healthy and happy, contentment. We sat and
talked, I dont remember about what, it was just really good
to see him. He said that he would be here whenever I needed
to see him.
This dream occuredthe night after we left Burningman. I was
feeling depressed, very depressed, dark and lonely and
cold. i was missing darrell very much, and that night he
came to me in the twilight of a dream.
thanks again Darrell, I dont know what I would do without you.
all love