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2001-01-18 03:26:23 (UTC)

*Shanen* Not much of a day, did..


Not much of a day, did alotta sleeping and stuffz like
that. We watched an assembly 1st period, it was better than
the majority of assemblies. Alot of people actually cried.
It made you think about alot of things. But I know even
though people tried to be a little more considerate and
acted sympathetic about any types of discrimination, within
a week it will go back to the way things where. That's just
the way they are.

Found out I can re-route my way to lab bio class and i will
see matt for that many more seconds!

Nothing else to say....except Aaron changed my name from
SHanen to...Miss Player Fouling, Down to the Ground, Outta
COntrol, Pokey, Lil Fairy....i was like ooOoOoOk.. well i
guess thats my new name 4 now on then?

Had rec. bball practice today, showed up and no one was
there, they cancelled and I didn;t check the voicemail
messages. So i ended up practicing with the other team, and
two of them couldn't play for their life, and the other one
was this little blond girl who was fast and everything, but
the biggest ball hog and brat I have ever met,
night blew.

Midterms next week, I'd better start studying...but all my
stupid teachers are giving our classes tests on this
Friday, so it'll be hard to study. Saturday I've got a
party to go to, and Sunday I am completely leaving open, so
if by chance Matt is free.....well, you get the idea.

Well time to go now....

Ohh yea! Marisa had THE funniest voice I have ever heard.
And my brother andrew refered to her as the "chick with the
weird voice" today at dinner. It was hilarious, and then my
mom and sister were imitating this chris rock dance where
they move their head back and that Jackie Chan
movie....ooh and to make things worse, my dad was making
all these jokes about people we actually knew, so andrew
kept spitting out his food, and then i got the hiccups,
REALLY REALLY loud, it was a pretty funny thing to see
altogether...guess you just had to be there, well BYEE!