The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
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2001-07-22 00:05:19 (UTC)


Ok, well i have been thinking about Mary my best friend and
i have made this decision.....I think that i have
this "disease" i mean i like depend on her (Mary) for her
friendship and everything if she was to like not be here i
wouldnt be able o function correctly..its true i am sure
that most people think that is alittle extencive , but to
me its not its very true...But...thats right theres a "but"
lately Mary hasnt "been" there i seem to be dissapearing
into my own little world were know one is i live/work/and
spend all my spare time w/ my parents, i get two days of of
work sunday(and THATS with my parents!) and Mondays... and
Mary works on Mondays so that makes t even harder to
contact/talk to her...and so i have try to make a day that
i can spend with her...i mean not with other people AND
Mary i mean JUST Mary..the only thing i would be worried
about is that Mary wouldnt want to go anywhere with
me...but i know that wouldnt happen...or would it?..i dont
know "you" be the judge...oh is full of "stuff"
and through out my life i know that i will have tons of
friends or few at all, but deep in my heart i truley feel
that most of the friends that i have now will stick with me
for alloonngg time especially Mary...i am sure that sounds
prejudice to all my other friends like Will,Ashley,and
Libby, but Mary has seen me through good and bad and even
worse!...and if she can put up with me for eight/nine years
i KNOW that she can put up with me FOREVER!!!...oh well
Love yall