2000-10-28 22:27:27 (UTC)

its saturday i woke up at 8..

its saturday
i woke up at 8 today so i could go on a walk for down syndromw, you
know, one of those charity walks you raise money for? well it was
allright, there wasnt an exceptionally large crowd which is a shame.
then i went to the gym and worked out for a while, i feel pretty
good. im getting picked up to go to a concert tonight with these two
girls from my yearbook class that i don really know that well. they
seem really nice, but i dont think id ever become more than
aquaintances with them. this girl gina, who i guess is my good frind
was driving me crazy today. she appologizes for everything, and i
dont know soemtiems she just rubs me the wrong way. i sound like such
a bitch, huh? im excited because the concert im going to is the
ataris and the vandals and im excited because the atari's lyrics
really fit into what my life is like right now. the girlt hats
tkaing me just called to get directions...i hope she can find my
house. i have a huge project due in world history soon and i havent
started yet. geese, im a little stressed. erich hasnt called lately.
o well, it doenst hurt that bad right now. i think i may apply for a
job later at hallmark. i need extra money. i guess thats all for
right now - erin