Life Sux Then You Die
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2001-07-21 23:08:51 (UTC)

Day: 8

La la la la la laa...I am singing.. I just got done eating
my dinner and I am full! wanna see something cool? My
friend Bobby showed me how to do this:

Its pikachu! hhehe... Its so cute! My cousin tracy has the
play boy bunny in her profile. Its awesome how she did it.

Ok...Now for the diary entry...Wanna know something...
Vasaline is really hard to wash off... I just got done
washing my hands a billion times and the vasaline isn't off
all the way... I bet your wondering why I have vasaline in
my hands... Nothing nasty people. I know you were thinking
nasty. o.O We have a bird feeder(the cast iron post with 2
doohickys coming from the middle) and we get squirrels. So
we put vasaline on the pole so they don't climb up on top
of the feeder and have lunch. We give them peanuts but they
rather go for the bird seed-_-' It did look nasty cuz it
looks like masterbating for a guy...

The next entry I will tell you about the dream I had. Ok...
I can't believe my crush lives down the street from me! Its
awesome! He isn't as hot as Darien(Sailor Moon), Li(Card
Captures), Tory(Card Captors), Tenchi(Tenchi in Tokyo), and
Keiichi(Ah! My Goddess). I am gonna get a picture of just
Li, Tory, and Tenchi. Those are the only ones I need. I
have to move the screen cuz my sister is trying to read
this-_-' ^^;;;; Oh well... I hope someone replies to my
entries... Its kinda sad that nobody has... Oh well... Time
to go for now.