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2002-09-09 20:23:43 (UTC)

My Birthday Day SUCKED!!!!!!!!

ok well i woke up early, or i should say i got woken up
early because people seem to think that on your birthday,
you want to hear from them before 8am. Anyway, on most
peoples birthdays, they go out or have something cool
planned, not me. I am a loser and my birthday fun is doing
4 loads of laundry and cooking myself dinner, probably a
microwave tv dinner or sumthin like that. All in all its
been a really boring day so far, my gf left me to go do
homework, and im stuck online being the total loser that i
am and i am completely bored as you might be aware of,
since i made a diary.....hahhaha anyway ill write back from
time to time and let you know how big of a loser i
am....happy birthday to me......2 fingers up....and im