Tali and Jag's Journey
2001-07-21 22:43:39 (UTC)

The Rest of her night

Finishing the entry on the journals new name, she turned
her attentions to getting dinner ready, really all she had
was some bread, granola like stuff and some cheese. She
carried two skin bags, one for water, the other for wine.
She wasn't a drinker, but after years of enjoying one every
dinner, she couldn't help herself that one luxury.....
besides learning about yourself can't be that hard, I'll be
home in a few months with a new look on life. Plopping on a
stump, she crossed her legs under her and started to nibble
on her food. When done, she walked over to her makeshift
tent (leaves really, no walls) and grabbed up Jagrati, went
back to her tree stump, and started to write

Good Evening Jagrati, I've been thinking, about the things
dad gave me, You and the pen I understand, but why the
mirror. Then, after much thought, I came to the conclusion
that it is for me to see me. Get it. At home there are not
many mirrors and I have never been one to stare at myself
all day, or spend the day controlling my hair and putting
those silly plant dyes on my face. Time could have been
better spent. So here we go

.....(pulls out the mirror looks at it and stares back at
the face staring at her, eyebrows coming together ever so
slowly, puts mirror down and rubs under her eye)

Well I see nothing but me, Jagrati. My almond shaped silver
eyes, small nose and lips. Nothing special there. Maybe dad
was wrong, maybe I am not looking right...maybe I was
expecting more. People always said I got the brains and my
sister got the beauty. Does that mean I'm ugly and shes
dumb? I don't think I'm ugly, I'm not a raving beauty
either, and Sylvie (my sis) and I have had plenty of
intellectual conversation. So what exactly did they mean?
Were they just being nice.

Sylvie and I are as different as night and day, she is
soft, sweet, graceful, obedient and very outgoing. Me,
Jagrati, I am the tomboy, the rough and tumble take you
down type. Then I discovered books and well I became more
scholarly than tomboy. Hiding away all day in some little
place I found, writing and reading, learning. I had few
friends and was never overly social, actually I disliked
big groups of people and much prefer my own company. I
always had dirt, leaves or ink on my hands, in my hair or
on my clothes. Sylvie was always clean and neat.

(pulls out mirror again and looks again)

I knew it, Jagrati, two leaves in my hair and ink under my
eye. Don't get me wrong, I love her, but we are very
different. Same with dad, he's like a brick wall 100% of
the time. Mom is like Sylvie, so I don't think she knew
what to do with me and dad wanted to believe I'd quiet down
in a little while, so I always got my way. Thus my sitting
here, making you my new best friend. I didn't believe him
when he said "..under my roof, you listen and follow my
rules" Right Daddy. Bye Daddy.

Well, need some sleep, tomorrow is a big day.... lots of
travelling... night Jag.

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