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Matt's Whining and Bullshit
2001-01-18 03:12:17 (UTC)

Today was an interesting day.....

Today was an interesting day... most of the school day went
fast because we had an assembly in the morning that took
(in a way) 2 periods. It was interesting... about hate...
and racism... and hate crimes. They did alot of talking
about Columbine. The topic probably sounds kinda boring
but the dood that presented it made it very interesting and
actually really funny (at some parts, others were kinda sad)

Nothing else happened really... Nicole downloaded a virus
and her computer is all screwed up! She tryed to reformat
which I suggested but she somehow reformatted the A: drive
instead of the C: drive. Then she called me up to bitch
about it and we talked for like maybe an hour and my mom
kicked me off the phone. It was the first time I had
actually SPOKEN with her since like June.

I watched temptation island again this week. It wasn't
very good. It was actually MADDDD boring all they did was
vote people off and crap no actual temptation. From next
weeks preview that will be an interesting show. I also
watched Grounded for Life or whatever its called. That
show is FUNNNNY as hell! southparks on now and I'm missing
it because Shanen signed on at 10:00 as she usually does on
Wednesdays. She's WAY more important than a TV show I can
watch in reruns 4 other times this week.

I have homework but I didn't bring my books home because my
locker is sooo fucking trashed and I didn't wanna hafta
look through it.

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