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2002-09-09 19:48:51 (UTC)

my pathetic complaints

I have been so excited about getting to see cameron
afterschool today but last night i found out that i might
not get to see him. :-( I did have that swell of a night
last night...i did get to go with my friends to eat out
after church services, i came home only to get to clean my
house, while in the process of cleaning my house i find out
that i might not get to see cameron, i chopped my finger
open, and fell on to my nice hard american made iron bed.
(i know its very simple compared to most of the others
peoples lifes problems) So right now i am at school in last
period wondering if my day will turn out happily( by
getting to see Cameron) or not soo great (b/c i didnt get
to see him when there was an oppourtunity-sp??). I guess
either way i need to be happy and thank the Lord for what i
DO have.
katie's parents are in OKC until tuesday so she is
staying with me until then, i mean its not too safe for my
katie to be stayin' home alone way out in the boonies. well
i got to gwt back to my class work so i had better sign out
be4 i get into trouble.