i suck
2002-09-09 19:28:37 (UTC)


sometimes my thoughts are so deep that i cant communicate
them to other people. and then when i try of course they
take it the wrong way and im left misunderstood. my
thoughts sometimes come to me as images first. i wish i had
a camera...oh well. school has really made me lose all
motivation to learn. wut i really want to do is drop out
and get my ged. so i can learn things the way i know i
can. and i want to move. so bad....soooo wouldnt
be so bad if i didnt live with the crapheads i live with
now. my mom is so closeminded...and like fucking
annoying...and my dad just listens to my mom. when my dads
alone with me its awesome though cause hes so much
different and he does wut he wants...not wut my mom wants.
i love my dad. my mom can kiss my ass tho. i want to smoke a bowl.
ive got a headache like a mother. back to the pot. yeah i like weed,
i like it alot...i feel so comfortable when im high. there are no
words for the satisfaction i get from weed. i dont really like to
drink though...cause it gets me sick and stuff...and i wouldnt do any
other drugs besides hash or shrooms. ive only done hash once and i
could feel my brain deteriorating during the high from it. so i dont
plan on doing that to often. i really hope nobody wastes there time
reading this...

i love the band elliot :)