i suck
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2002-09-09 19:11:41 (UTC)


since i havent ever really written in this thing i feel the
need to introduce myself. I dont feel like writing a
paragraph explaining who i am. the list thing is easier.

Name: samantha lee
Age: 14
Birthday: Oct. 3rd 1987
AIM: theskippie666
random stuff: punk rock and emo are my life. i smoke pot
alot. i have theories about things. i am not who you want
me to be and i dont give a flying fuck. (sometimes i have
outbursts of angerness). i write when im alone and have
nobody to share my ideas with.

likey: rain, the pack, marijuana, jarbear, my stoner dad,
bass guitars, showers, socks with sandals, silk pants, soft
things, white kitties, individualness, nice people,
generous people, and little kids

no likey: greed and jelousy, bad stuff. i dont know i like
stuff more than i dont like stuff...