Deacon Frost

Deacon Frost
2002-09-09 18:34:02 (UTC)

Another night, another life, I can't take this anymore...

So begins another day in another week of work. Same old
shit, same old place, just another.

But I digress...

Things have been spectactularly crappy as of late. So
there's this girl, I've written about her before, that I
think is really incredible, and pretty damn attractive too,
and I've been talking too more and more lately. The big
catch is this: The other week, we go to grab a bite to eat
and to head to the club, where she informs me that she
thinks it would be great we could be "just friends."

Just Friends.

In the event there's any women reading this, let me clue
you in. The phrase "let's just be friends," or "why can't
we just be friends" has got to be, without a doubt, the
single most insulting thing a woman can say to a man. Do
us a favor, lie to us, tell us you're a lesbian, you're
fucking someone else, or just that you think we're fucking
ugly. I don't care, just don't tell us you want to be our

Let me clue you women in on something: We have enough
fucking friends. We don't ask women out on dates so we can
make more friends. We ask women out on dates to spark
meaningful relationships. If we want a friend, we'll come
up to you, get you beer, and say "Hey, did you see that hot piece of
ass over there?" Becuase that's what we do with our
friends. We discuss other women and how attain them. You
can see the conflict of interest that begins to arise.

I'm probably destined to be forever alone. I think simply
because I can't even begin to comprehend the female mind.
It's just a big cluster fuck to me(n).

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