Pirate D

Jesus knows where you live
2001-07-21 21:46:46 (UTC)

Topic of the day: University, what a shitwank

Going to University is a total and complete waste of time
because of the people for a start. You always end up being
sat next to those pot smoking bad smelling hippy people who
spend most of their time hanging around with their Japanese
girlfriends wearing berets and marching in gay rights
parades, why not march past the "Venture Inn" after 4 to 10
solid drinking hours, that way they wont come back after.

And those Geeky spazmo children always who end up killing
themselves because they cant come to terms with the fact
that they're vegetarians and they wear milk bottle glasses
sooooo thick that the light takes four minutes to get
through them and they think its cool to talk about quantum
mechanics at those house parties where you end up comatose
for three straight hours because some dopey twat spikes
your drink with that deadly home made nightshade brew they
made in the engineering class at DUMB FUCKFACERS COLLEGE.
Where the rewards are getting a tampon stuffed up your