The Dairy of me, Lindsey
2001-07-21 21:41:53 (UTC)


Aaron has cancer! I still can't believe. How can such a
bad thing happen to such a good guy. He had everything
going for him and now he has cancer. It's very
devastating. I now it's just something that the Lord has
put on this earth to learn from and grow from and just to
get closer to him. Maybe this ordeal will help me grow in
my Christian faith, but why does he has to suffer like
that. I hate to see him suffer.

I don't know if i can handle this though, I mean this is
the 2nd time i have gotten hit w/ cancer.

Why is cancer even on earth? I mean he doesn't deserve
this. No one does.

I know I can get through this. I did the last time. I
mean my brother almost died of cancer. But he is back and
better than ever. He's been clear for 2 years. I'm sure
Aaron will be the same way. He will survive this and be
fine. Just fine.

If I'm so sure of this why can i not help but think what if
he doesn't bounce back? What if he dies? I don't think i
could handle this.

I knew it wasn't mono. I just knew it. From what his
parents said it's either Luekemia or Lyphoma. I'm hoping
Lymphoma cause that's eaiser to treat. But he has
Luekemia in his family history. I don't know what to do

I hope he's all right! I PRAY he's alright